The Basic Features of Golf Grips

The golf grip is the point of contact between the golfer and the club. Some would even say that it is the most essential component of a golf club. The quality of the golf grips can have a great impact on the player’s game. Hence, it is very important to understand its features and importance in making a perfect swing.

Every professional golfer would agree that golf grips can affect the accuracy of a player’s shot. If a golfer would want to achieve a good swing, his hand should be clamped firmly to the club throughout the swing. Steady hands have better control of the ball’s direction. Grips are needed to keep the hand steady throughout the swing. A good quality golf grip allows the player to tightly squeeze club without exerting too much pressure on their hands. The quality of grip can also have an impact on the coordination of the lower and upper body.

Golf gripsThe material that the golf grip is made of plays an important role in its ability to improve the game. The material can also say a lot of things about the golf grip’s durability. The three most common types of grip materials are rubber, cord, leather and synthetic blends. Other golf grips are made of a combination of various types of materials.

A golf grip that is made of rubber is durable, cheap, and lightweight. Rubber grips are also easier to clean than the other types. It is also the perfect grip for players with sweaty hands. Some players prefer to use clubs with rubber grips during wet weather.

Cord grips are often described as all-weather. These are also very durable, but the material can also be very rough on the hands and is even capable of damaging gloves.

Leather grips are gentler on the golf gloves because they are softer. The drawback is that they can be quite expensive and may not be very durable. They are also not the perfect grip to use during wet weather conditions. Grips that are made of synthetic blends are perfect for casual golfers. They are comfortable to hold during a swing because they are also softer than other types of grips. However, this type of grip is more susceptible to wear and tear because of its soft quality.

A golfer’s game can be greatly affected if his hands are all moist due to sweat and humidity. Golf grips are said to be of high quality if they can effectively manage moisture throughout the game. Grips that are made of soft and porous material can effectively absorb moisture.

When choosing grips, you must also consider the size of your golf gloves. It is very important to take note that the circumference of the golf grip should also correspond with the size of the gloves. If you want to know the accurate measurement of the golf gloves that you should use, you can use a grip gauge. This is very important because the wrong glove size can have a negative impact on the quality of your swing.

Responsiveness should also be considered when choosing a specific grip for your clubs. Responsiveness is the amount of vibration that the hands can feel after the clubhead made contact with the golf ball. This is also popularly known as the shot feedback. The material that the grip is made of can affect the amount of vibration that can be felt by the hands. According to experienced golfers, the harder the grips, the higher is the level of shot feedback that can be delivered to the hands.

If you are just a beginner, it would be best to consult golf club makers, grip fitters, and experienced golfers. They can help you choose the perfect golf grips for your specific needs.