Badge Holders for Security and Other Purposes

People use an ID card holder or badge holder to conveniently display their identification details. This accessory is being used by different companies to identify their staff through their names and the specific departments they belong to. Badge holders are also used in some events, such as conferences and trade shows, so the participants can display their names as well as their company names. This way, it will be easier for them to identify one another.

Badge holdersThere are various materials used for card holders and they come in different colors and sizes. Clear vinyl and color coded vinyl are two of the popular types. The materials are relatively cheap, and that is why these accessories do not cost a lot. Some of them feature a magnet for security and others use armband functionality. Badge holders may be flexible or rigid and their layout format can be vertical or horizontal.

ID for Security

Security is the main reason why people have ID badges. A lot of companies use scanners at the staff entrance area. Employees need to pass through their ID cards to enter. This prevents unauthorized people from gaining access to restricted areas. Therefore, it is common to see employees wearing their IDs in a badge holder.

Clear Vinyl

Clear vinyl uses a plastic covering for the badge and often has a slot hole. Lanyards, standard badge clip, or other attachment is used to attach the badge holder to the clothing.

Magnet Attachment

Sometimes, badge holders have magnet attachments. This type works well if you want to attach your badge to thicker types of clothing like a jacket. The purpose of the magnet is to securely hold the badge without puncturing the clothing.


For people who are working in a laboratory, factory, or other similar environments, anti-static badge holder is the ideal choice for them. This is a special type of badge holder that produces no static, and thus cannot haphazardly adhere to things.


The armband badge holder is another option, which is a great choice for active employees. Employees who can use this are those that do not normally stay in front of a desk and are busy moving from one place to another. The ID would perfectly fit into a pouch that has a band strap, which is placed on the arm of the user to allow free movement. This prevents their badge from getting lost and they can quickly display their ID.

Economy Type

Another type of badge holders is the economy type, which is made from plastic. You can use this if you need extra protection for your badge to prevent it from breaking. The edges of the badge are protected and it prevents the badge from bending. This type is often seen in school settings because elementary school children are likely to bite their IDs, especially its edges. The badge holder protects the ID card in many situations.

There are other types of card holders available. The Internet can provide you a wealth of information about the other options that can meet the needs of your organization.

Badges with Fasteners

Badge holders are also available based on the fastener. There are badges that have slot holes wherein a lanyard, chain, or fastener can pass. The best choice for this is a heavy duty badge holder that comes with clips that can be used to attach the badge to the clothes. When you need to swipe the badge at a security gate, you can use a badge holder that has a retractable cord that you can stretch out. The cord retracts and closely fits into the clip after you are swipe so that the badge is not hanging loosely.