Things You Need to Consider When Designing Your Custom Patches

Designing custom patches is easy. You don’t have to be an artist to create an amazing design.  Here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind when deciding on your patch design.

The Concept

Designing a patch starts with an idea. The idea can be an event to commemorate, a brand logo or a theme. A good patch transforms that concept into an easy to understand graphic. Most of the custom patches providers have a group of talented in-house artists. Their primary task is to make your custom patch from a photograph, sketch or text description. The service is usually free, included in the package.

The Patch Design

Custom PatchesYour custom patch design should come across to your audience. Simplicity is always the best. Make sure that you do not over crowd and add too many details. A better embroidered patch starts with a simple idea and with a simple design. Prepare a rough sketch, or send a logo, photo, decal or sample patch. Don’t worry if you are not an artist, there is no need for you to draw your ideas. Just describe the design that you want in words. Your chosen provider will interpret your ideas into a great graphic.

The Patch Shape

Custom patches can be made in any shape. The conventional shape like circles, octagon, ovals and squares are the popular choices, but there are lots of shapes available. With the use of lasers and hot and die cutting processes, you can cut these patches into any shape you want. To achieve a fine detail, you can cut the center and add to the look of the embroidered patch.

The Backing

There are different types of backing some of which are as follows:

1.    Plastic – to add stiffness and provides support to your patch, plastic backing is used. This type of backing helps retain the shape of your patch over time. Plastic is thin enough to sew through.

2.    Velcro – available in one side or both sides.

3.    Magnetic – this backing is placed on the entire back and transforms your patch into an embroidered magnet.

4.    Heatseal or iron-on. You need a home iron to stick the patch in your garment. If you plan to wash your garment 50 to 80 times or more after placing the patch, it is best to use heatseal as pre-placement before sewing it. To hold it in place do some tag stitches along the patch.

5.    Adhesive – this is the most common type of backing. This is a peel and stick backing to keep the patch in place for a single event. Machine washing the garment is not recommended for it will not able to hold up. If you want to keep your patch permanently use hotseal or sew your patches.

The Border

Merrowed border is the most popular type of border that wraps around the side of the entire patch, and is normally 1/8 inches in thickness. This is perfect for simple shapes, like squares, circles, rectangle, etc.

Another popular border for your patch is the diecut border. This border is cut to the shape of the design and is best for more complicated custom shapes with several in-cuts and sharp angles.

The Size

There are things that you need to consider when it comes to size. The right size for your custom patch is generally determined by its actual use. Use a ruler to measure the area the finished patch will be placed. Through this you will have an idea as to what will fit in the patch. The next thing you need to consider is the amount of information and the art that needs to add into it.

Other things that you need to consider are the lettering, the colors and the embroidery coverage. Once you have decided on the things enumerated in this article the next step is to find a reliable custom patches provider and ask for quotes.


Other Uses of a Storage Container

You should know by now that more people are opting to have a portable storage container in their property than ever before. Why? It’s because more and more people are discovering the many benefits of having a portable container in their property. Some converted theirs to perform different purposes. Take a look at what others did with their containers and see if you can find other ways to use yours.

A Study Room

A portable container can keep the outside noise under control and it is a perfect venue when you need to concentrate on your studies or other work-related matters that need your undivided attention. The usual flooring of portable container is wood plank and it has special walls that can keep the heat off. You may need to add an air conditioning unit if you plan to stay there for a long time. It could still get too hot during sunny days. You don’t need to worry about the rain and wind because the metal containers are built to withstand any weather.

Hobby or Recreational Room

storage containerIf you don’t want your home to turn into a kind of graffiti because of the splattered colors, then you might want to convert your storage container into a hobby or recreational room. You will surely appreciate it especially if you have little ones around the house who want to get their hands dirty by playing with watercolors and create hand print masterpieces. You also don’t need to worry about your furniture or carpet getting ruined. It is also fine to just leave the room as it is after your kids used it, and that is if you have no more time for tidying and cleaning.


A playroom almost bears no difference from a hobby or recreational room. You can convert your container into something that your kids will enjoy, but make sure that when you let your children play in their container playroom; someone is always there to look after them.

The only difference between the hobby room and the playroom is that you can also use the hobby room when you are creating artistic projects and you don’t want anyone to bother you. The playroom is mostly for your kids’ enjoyment. You can design it into a giant doll house or train station where your kids can play to their hearts’ content. It is also a great way to minimize clutter in your home.

A Mini Shop

If you have a talent for doing business and you are someone who usually stays at home, then why not get yourself a storage container and convert it into a mini-shop. It could be a flower shop, small boutique, a mini café, or anything that you can make some profit from. If you’ve got the talent and the passion for doing something, then make some money out of it by converting your passion into a profitable business venture. The good thing is that you don’t have to go far from your home. You can put your business in your own property and still have enough time for your family.

There are groups of people who turn the portable containers into affordable housing, classrooms, studios, dorms, emergency shelters, workshops and other things. The important matter that you need to remember when converting your container into a business establishment is to know first the requirements and rules of your locality regarding such structures and whether you need to secure permits and other documents before starting your project. You need to plan everything carefully to avoid inconveniences later.

A storage container has a lot of uses so it is best to invest on it especially if you plan on using one in the future.

Author Bio:
Storage container are sturdy and dependable.They are known to be versatile, and they can pass tests of time and nature.They have gained recognition because they are durable, flexible, inexpensive, and light.

Ways to Get Challenge Coins

All the stories regarding the origin of challenge coins refer to one organization as the first users of such coins. The deemed first givers and users of these coins were Ancient Roman warriors, American soldiers, Filipino guerrillas, and so on – all of which were part of one organization: the military.

Nowadays, a lot of retired and currently serving men of the US military received at least one challenge coin in their lifetime. A challenge coin is being rewarded as a symbol of a military man’s bravery and the government’s gratitude towards his services.

challenge coinsSome military men who received these coins gave their coins to anyone they preferred. Usually, their families inherit them. Others passed their coins to young military men they thought to be deserving of their challenge coins. Even the most powerful men in the US, the former and current presidents, acquire coins as given by some retired military men.

From the military, the coin tradition is now being observed by other branches in the government of several countries. Aside from government branches, some non-governmental organizations are awarded with specially made coins which would serve as their proof of membership.

Some recipients of challenge coins later on became coin collectors. These days, coin collectors come from different walks of life. If you are looking for a new hobby, you may want to try collecting different kinds of coins. There are various ways for you to acquire a challenge coin.

• Inherit from your older relatives who served the military.

This one could be the easiest way to get a challenge coin. You can even get your coins for free. All you have to do is ask nicely. If this one’s impossible, you can try the other ways below.

• Join an organization of your interest.

Most organizations offer proof of membership and identification to their members. The most common of which is ID cards. Some have customized shirts and other merchandise. Members of a few organizations get their organizations’ coins.

Joining an organization is not an assurance of acquiring a challenge coin. To be sure, ask first if they are offering coins to members. However, when you are looking for an organization to join, don’t depend your decision solely on whether or not they offer a challenge coin. Base it on your interest. After a while, you may request to have a coin for your organization if you actively participated and if you are passionate about your group’s advocacies.

• Join and participate in the events held by a coin collectors’ organization.

If coin collection is all you wanted, then join an organization for such. You will learn more about coin collection once you become a part of a coin collectors’ group. Aside from the kinds of coins worth collecting, you will gain and share information as to where and how to claim certain challenge coins.

Leaders of a coin collectors’ organization often reward coins to members who attended and participated in group meetings and events. You may also get coins by trading with fellow avid coin collectors. Some have two or more similar coins that they are willing to trade. You can grab the chance and trade whatever coins you have but know the value of your coins so you won’t be tricked with a less-valued coin or coins.

• Buy and trade.

Dedicated collectors go beyond the economical ways. They resort to coin purchases. Coins/cash are exchanged with coins.
This could be the priciest if you don’t know where and how to make a good deal. You can buy collectible coins from certain stores. You can try buying from a former military man but don’t push your luck; it may be mistaken as an insult. To make it more manageable, you may look for traders or sellers online.

• Join the military and serve the country.

Acquiring an additional challenge coin to your collection is satisfying. But among the ways to acquire a challenge coin, earning it the hard, traditional way offers the most rewarding feeling.

Joining the military for the sake of getting challenge coins is a silly idea but there’s another way that’s sillier than that. You can run for president. If you won, you will be given a specially made challenge coin.